Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What are the advantages of outsource your billing?
    • Tax deductible billing service fees
    • Billing company staff concentrates on billing without interruption of other administrative duties
    • A staff of professionals working together can combine knowledge and resources to optimize reimbursement
  • Provides Elimination of:
    • Costly computer upgrades
    • Hassles finding qualified billing personnel
    • Employee space issues
    • Reduction in office supply costs; hcfa forms, patient statements, envelopes, etc.
    • Employee Salary—wages, medical benefits, retirement plans, paid vacations, holiday, sick time and payroll taxes
  • How can A-Stat improve my practice receipts?

    A-Stat has a vested interest in collecting on all unpaid claims. Denied claims are handled as quickly as paid claims. Internal practice billing departments often tend to let denied or “problem” claims accumulate for further review because the staff is bogged down with other administrative tasks. Patients that owe money directly are billed on a monthly basis and are sent collection letters upon the practice’s discretion. Unpaid claims quickly pile up and can become crippling financially. Timely filing guidelines for major insurance plans are now very strict and a practice is often forced to write-off claims that were not followed up on in a very short amount of time. A-Stat won’t let that happen and we pride ourselves on our billing and claim follow-up procedures. Our clients are happy to vouch for our services!

  • Is my practice charged a fee for each claim submitted?

    A-Stat does not charge on a “per claim” basis. Your practice is charged a reasonable contracted percentage on all claim receipts. In other words, we only make money when you make money! Because we have a vested interest in working all denied claims and ensuring the highest level of “clean” claims possible, it is an advantage that we have over an internal billing department staff that makes the same salary regardless of what claims they collect on. Outsourcing is the smart way to manage your account receivable!

  • Where are my insurance payments sent?

    A-Stat offers a variety of option to suit your practice needs. Viable options include payments being sent to you directly, to A-Stat, or to a bank lockbox. We are flexible to meet the needs of our clients.

  • How much does A-Stat charge for their billing services?

    Every medical provider is unique. Claim volume and reimbursement varies greatly from one specialty to another. Knowing your claim volume, current accounts receivable and reimbursement rates will help us to quote a rate that works for everyone. Our rates are very competitive so be sure to call us before signing a contract with another service!